Bitcoin Gives Up $10,000 as Cryptos Go Into Reverse - 16th Feb 2018

It’s been a good week for Bitcoin this week, with Bitcoin seeing just one day of decline Monday through to Thursday, with Tuesday’s 3.2% fall as bad as it got for the crypto.

 While Monday and Wednesday saw Bitcoin see double digit gains, Thursday’s move through to $10,000 levels was the key move of the week. Bitcoin having languishing at sub-$10,000 levels since the start of the month sell-off that saw Bitcoin fall to sub-$6,000 levels.

 A lack of regulatory commentary from governments and regulators through the week has certainly eased the negative sentiment towards the cryptomarkets, with levels through the earlier part of the week having been considered on the attractive side for investors...

Weekly Altcoin Market Analysis - 13th Feb 2018

​It was another heavy week for the cryptomarket last week, with news of the Chinese government’s plans to ban the trading of cryptocurrencies hitting the wires on Tuesday, seeing Bitcoin slide to Tuesday morning low $5,920.72.

The news turned out to be fake news, with the PBoC releasing a statement that it had been the victim of a hack. With Bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies bouncing back on Tuesday in response to the news, there is more reason for governments and regulators to be concerned, with hackers not only able to steal coins from exchanges, but also able to manipulate the markets with such emails that provide significant earning potential, both short and long.

Focus for the cryptomarkets remains on regulatory chatter and there has been plenty through the first 6-weeks of the year, in stark contrast to last year, where only China and South Korea seemed particularly interested in regulating the cryptomarket...

Indonesia Coal Review - 8th Sep 2017

  • Strong demand for coal across Asia, primarily China, India and ASEAN countries, driven by increased power demand across the region.
  • Low CV Coal exports expected to grow between 20 to 30% over the next 5 years.
  • Indonesia is the largest export nation for Low Calorific Value (CV) Coal, with 70% of coal production falling under Low CV classification..

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